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With the Industrial Design Institute (IDI), an exceptional bachelor program has been established to raise future design professionals with the ability to find new solutions for products, product systems as well as complex global issues.

»Let’s start to re-think and transform our world towards an intercultural society for a liveable future!«

Prof. Kurt Mehnert, President

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»I see the diversity of culture as a great potential for shaping our common future!«

Yue Li, Consultant to the President

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»Earnestness leads one to complete a journey no matter how far it is; determination ensures one to achieve the goal no matter how difficult it is.«

Prof. Fei He, President of IDI

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»A nine-storied tower rises from a heap of earth; a thousand li journey starts with the first step.«

Taohua Zhang, Party Secretary

Start your creative journey at IDI-Industrial Design Institute!

Video: An initiative of students of Zhaoqing University

Start your creative journey at IDI-Industrial Design Institute!

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»Design should not be loud. Good design is silent.«

Yu Deng, Vice President


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